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Voice, Messaging, Fax, and IVR
With a US / Canada provided Clarity local or toll free number you can make and receive phone calls using our SIP service. We can port your existing number(s) as well.
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Send and Receive SMS from your Business Number provided by Clarity
With a US / Canada provided Clarity Voice Business number you can make and receive SMS Messages. We offer our website for this or use our API.
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Receive and send faxes to your fax machine number provided by Clarity or port your number in.
Fax technology has not changed much in decades and yet it is a critical component of many businesses. Clarity lets you send and receive faxes using T38 protocol
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Easier. Smarter. Best.

Join ClarityVoice™, by Clarity Technologies Group, and experience the latest in UCaaS supremacy. ClarityVoice™ is a unified communications solution that gives businesses the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, any place. With integrated voice and collaboration including Video Conferencing, Voice, Fax, Instant Messaging, and SMS tools in the cloud or on-site, with affordable onsite equipment.

Claritys UCaas platform gives your employees an easy way to work together, in the office, at home, or on the go. We give you peace of mind with enhanced reporting features, call recording, and different levels of presence capabilities to know when your people are or are not working.


Programmatically send and receive SMS to inform and engage your customers.


Build voice capabilities for your VoIP infrastructure over our private, global network.

Call Control

Build sophisticated and responsive calling experiences into your own applications.

Global Numbers

Instantly search for and provision local and toll-free numbers from around the world.


Reach the cloud wherever you are, easily transport data between global locations.


Connect globally on a private LTE network with automatic carrier switching.

SMS with Local and Toll-Free Numbers

ClarityText™ , by Clarity Technologies Group, SMS platform allows you to process messages directly to and from your computer or smart phone/tablet. We offer SMS for Local Numbers with Inbound and Outbound messaging, SMS for Toll Free Numbers also with Inbound and Outbound Messaging, and SMS from International Numbers Inbound only.

Most ClarityVoice™ plans include 250 text messages per month using SMS and our per text cost after the first 250 is one of the lowest in the industry.Send and Receive Messages right form our website

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Where We're Going

Communication are coming untethered from devices, and more and more, they’re migrating into our everyday platforms: our social media, our work applications and our collaboration tools. But, that move started before there was infrastructure to support it-the modern internet will never offer the speed and consistency that real-time communication require. So, we worked with our carriers and built built a network that does a cloud platform tuned for real-time communications at every layer.
Clarity is the connective matrix, a worldwide nervous system, a high-speed rail tunneling through the information superhighway, We’re the foundation for calls, text and messaging today, for the internet of things, augmented reality and “communitainment” tomorrow, and for whatever enterprising imaginations can dream up after that.

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